How Try Pie Started

"Do you know what the Cedar Valley needs?" asked Kris. "It needs pie, homemade pie."


Original Team Members (2014)

"Working at Try Pie has been a wonderful experience for me. I have learned many practical skills that will help me succeed in the future.  I have meet awesome girls who share a love of baking pies and serving the Lord. I am extremely grateful to be a part of Try Pie!" Allison Stuenkel, Try Pie Team Member since 2015.

It was this statement that led to the birth of Try Pie in the Spring of 2014, after a moment of destiny for those gathered around the table.

The need began years earlier when a LINK—a partnership between Orchard Hill and Harvest Vineyard Churches—started getting to know kids from the Walnut neighborhood in Waterloo, Iowa.

As the relationships developed, a need raised by local voices for more productive activities and income opportunities for teens in the Cedar Valley was recognized. Teen employment was identified as an opportunity to address these needs while creating a caring community.

In the Fall of 2013, a small group of teenage girls and adults met to discuss local teen employment and dream about starting a business. This same group of young women were at Barn Happy, where the owner, Kris Boettger, both inspired them with her own story of entrepreneurship, and offered the direction of fresh, homemade pies for this team.

At this, the idea of Try Pie was born and work began to make this idea a reality.

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