About Try Pie

Empowering a diverse group of teen girls

in life and leadership skills through meaningful work.

4valuesTry Pie is a social enterprise structured youth ministry that uses employment as an opportunity to engage and equip young women for their futures.

Teens at Try Pie learn to manage their paychecks, prepare for future employment, understand their unique gifts, and recognize value in each other.

Experiential learning in the kitchen is supported by time spent in a classroom setting with curriculum focusing on our four core values: Financial stewardship, job skill development, faith development and reconciling community.

Through working at Try Pie, teens are holistically prepared to pursue their goals as confident, contributing members of their community.

"The atmosphere at Try Pie is so positive. Everyone is encouraging. I like that we learn about God and I also really like how we've grown as a team but we also learn other lessons that prepare us for future jobs."
Allison Stuenkel, Try Pie Team Member since 2015.

Try Pie is a youth development program of LINK CCD. LINK is a nonprofit community development organization formed out of a partnership between Orchard Hill and Harvest Vineyard churches in the Cedar Valley.


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